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Sunitha Vardhan
Sunitha Vardhan‘Your stories, framed forever.’

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Sunitha Vardhanis an experienced and a passionate photographer based in Bangalore. Every wedding gets good photos, and people pay quite a good amount of money for this. Wedding photographers are not really people from the studio culture who click your passport photos but are creative people who find a story behind every photograph. The top wedding photographer in Bangalore is associated with Sunithavardhan and is simply the best at work.

Why Us ?

She has a keen eye and an insatiable interest in culture, tradition and the uniqueness of different people. Sunitha soon discovered the joy of covering weddings, capturing the essence of the most important rituals to the most fleeting of moments. When she’s not covering weddings, she enjoys travel photography and environmental portraits, mainly featuring festivals and different cultures across the country.

Wedding Photographers In Bangalore

It can be a South Indian wedding, a Bengali wedding or a Gujrati one but everywhere a creative wedding photographer is all that is needed. The group of photographers in a wedding is not only people handling a camera but real artists who love to play with light and shadow. Sunithavardhan offers the best wedding photographers in Bangalore who not only creates images but make memories out of it.

She brings a unique perspective to any project, be it weddings, travel, or staged photo shoots. As an artist behind the camera, she always sees something most others don’t catch. A lover of travel, nature and animals, capturing the smallest moments of honesty and humanity is the greatest joy for a photographer of her calibre. She is a frequent participant in art and photography exhibitions, charity events and technical workshops, keen to keep herself up-to-date.

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Sunitha Vardhan is an experienced and a passionate best wedding photographer in Bangalore, Candid wedding, top Destination wedding, Pre-wedding, Marwadi Wedding and Andhra Wedding Photographer in Bangalore. Sunitha Vardhan is one of the top 10 wedding photographers, Kannada wedding, Tamil wedding, Outdoor, Post-wedding Photographers in Bangalore.

What clients say

“ Sunitha’s creativity is visible in every single one of the pictures that were taken throughout the 3 day wedding ceremony. Her knowledge of photography and equipment enabled her to quickly adjust to whatever scenery, lighting, movements or angle she needed to produce “picture perfect” shots. She is so full of positive energy and didn’t just stand on the side taking pictures… She became part of the celebration.This allowed her to capture moments that tell the exciting story of our whole wedding weekend. A memory we can now enjoy and relive through amazing pictures. We think the hardest part is now deciding which ones to frame.. because they are all so good! We can’t thank Sunitha enough for giving us such beautiful memories that we will forever hold close to our heart”
Vijeta and Abhishek, Bangalore
“Photography is her passion. Loved her work in capturing those candid pictures. My dream of my baby’s photoshoot turned into such a beautiful memory…. Thanks for capturing my cutie pie…. Surely recommend to every mom”
Swati Suresh, Bangalore
“After seeing some of Sunitha’s work, we were both intrigued and excited to have her shoot maternity photos for us. During the shoot, she was professional, friendly and very patient and was able to capture some beautiful moments which we will cherish forever. We all had a great time at the photoshoot. We are very happy with the outcome and highly recommend her services”
Sachin Prabhu and Ashwini Sachin, Bangalore
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