Weddings are hectic! Planning a wedding is even more so. While it would be ideal for you to book my services as soon as possible, I also understand that sometimes things just don’t go as planned. I do prefer an advanced booking to help me plan better but am also reliable with short notice assignments. If you need a photographer on short notice, you can count on me.

Yes! Along with the digital copies, I do offer a beautiful coffee table photo book filled with the best moments of your wedding. My photo books don’t just document your day but actually weave a beautiful story. They also are customised to your needs.

While I personally do not offer video services, I have a network of industry experts, makeup artists and experienced professionals in the cinematic wedding industry who can. Videography and any other requirements you may have are considered add-on services with separate pricing.

Every beautiful picture I take deserves recognition and is credited to both parties. If you and your partner look amazing in the photos, I would love to share my favourite moments with the world. However, we are talking here about very few images in display.


All usage rights of the photographs provided to you belong to the couple so you can share, print or distribute them as you like. While you are free to share them with your friends, relatives and on social media to your liking, you cannot use them for commercial purposes or have any monetary gain. The creative copyright of the image belongs to the photographer.

Indian weddings are long and often deviate from any schedule. Be it traffic or the delay in getting ready, one can never quite follow the timetable to the T! For this reason, I do not charge by the hour and am present with you throughout the ceremony. Right from your 5 am getting ready to the final goodbye, you can expect me to be ready to capture picture perfect frames.

I am based in Bangalore and frequently take projects in the city. However, I am always up for travelling as it is my second passion. As a photographer, I am open to visiting other major cities in the country to cover your special day. While I do not charge extra for out station projects, my travel and accommodation will be borne by the client.


In simple words, my style of photography can be defined as contemporary and candid. It is my aim to captures stories, emotions and moments that normally go unseen. From stolen glances and intimate moments to picture perfect compositions, my style includes a blend of beautifully posed pictures with honest spur of the moment clicks.

Before You Call Me, A Suggestion: Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth!

Weddings today are grander than ever and it only makes sense to make additional arrangements to document them. But there is one thing you should know – don’t hire too many photographers! While a few photographers can capture different moments of the wedding, too many can ruin it.

  Remember, LESS IS MORE.