Seasons plays an important role in a traditional Indian wedding for a very long time. We decide everything about the marriage based on the season. Generally, Indian weddings happen during the autumn-winter time as the ambience remains quite pleasant, it helps us to enjoy the essence of such a celebration.

But now breaking the stereotype, weddings are taking place throughout the year be it the hot sultry summer, heavy monsoon and of course the chilling winter. We have unknowingly turned the seasons into our comfort zones in various ways. Being a Bangalore wedding photographer I have been a witness to many weddings taking place throughout the year, and I have enjoyed all.

Here I will tell you about the different outfits that are perfect for wedding photo shoot in various seasons. But before this, I want to put a disclaimer that the following points are not at all the mandatory outfits, but are all according to my taste and vision, and bear no resemblance to other ideas and trends.

Now here we go…

Unbeatable summer          

A hot and humid climate is never comfortable for you, but coincidentally it can be better with the right costume. The summertime always catapults a warm nature and to maintain that efficacy always wears some colorful costumes with a tinge of brightness in it. The fabric of the costume is equally important during summer time. So few recommended clothing for a perfect summer pre- wedding photo-shoot is Swing dress which is flowing in style and has an A-line shape, short summer dress that is comfortable in any climate, a maxi dress which is now prevalent, and finally the most preferred one Salwar suit. It is always advisable to choose costumes in which you are comfortable and can do different activities at any place.

 Monsoon magic

Monsoon is forever a season of romance. At least what Bollywood has taught us. You consider any song sequence in a film there will be a scene where the girl is drenched in the rains wearing a saree. So for a monsoon wedding shoot, a saree is a perfect choice.  Now, with the rains in the backdrop, there can be different ways to create the best scene. Only a wedding photographer can bring out the best from such an ambiance with the use of props and several other things. Along with saree gown is also a fitting choice for many, and people love to wear it. You know it’s all about the essence that matters the most, but with that, the perfect costume also enhances the look.

Chilly winter

As said before that wedding in winter is the best thing that can ever happen.  The weather remains perfect for any couple to shoot comfortably without any nuisance.  And for winter there are some outstanding outfits which the couples can choose.  My first choice for an Indian pre-wedding shoot and that too in a traditional mix will always be Lehenga.  In winter lehenga is much comfortable to wear and shoot for extended hours. You know I have an intuition that Indian brides always look ravishing in a traditional avatar, and till now in every shoot during winter I recommend, my client, to try Lehenga. The choice of outfits in a pre-wedding photo-shoot always differs among every other Bangalore wedding photographer.

So before you start deciding on your wedding or pre- wedding shoot outfit always take a look at the season and then pick your favourite one.