One single element which creates a debate over wedding photography is how much work of art does it contain and how much commercial viability does it reflect? Sunitha Vardhan leading wedding photographer in Bangalore explains to us the different aspects.

‘The wedding photographers are craftsmen who have mastered the art with utmost seriousness and integrity, but people somehow fail to understand their value as artists and not as commercial machines. Yes, they do charge money for work, but every form of art in the world has a commercial aspect without which it would have sink’ by Sunitha Vardhan.

In this blog, we will try to make you understand that all unique wedding photographers Bangalore work not only for the package proposed but also to create work worth remembering.

What are the 3 things that catapult the work of art and commercial aspect in wedding photography?

.Concept building Every theme wedding has a unique concept by which the photograph are presented. A wedding photographer plans out the entire concept keeping in mind the originality and even the budget. It is inevitable that concept building needs an artistic vision with a commercial mind.

.Preparing a sublime story line- A story line is equally important in wedding photography. Based on the theme and the concept a wedding photographer writes a story on which thepresentation depends.

.A heart- warming presentation- In the end, every bit of effort, ideas, and long working hours ends with a heart-warming presentation of the work. A wedding photographer leaves no little space to make the most heart touching album for the client. All their artistic vision finds a place at the end while the album gets prepared.

Wedding photography is a confluence of art and commercial figures. On one side, it reflects work of art, and on the other, it incurs a cost. All the unique wedding photographers Bangalore are real artists who make money by doing good work, but never by compromising on it. We hope that all clients remember this as we know how much efforts are put to make the moments blooming for you at every stage in life.