How about giving a modern approach to a traditional marriage ceremony? Does it sound a little interesting? If so then take a look at how candid wedding photographer in Bangalore give a contemporary touch to any traditional wedding.

If you are in Bangalore, then you must have heard about Sunitha Vardhan, a lady who is famous for her impeccable work at some of the marriage ceremonies in the city.

Sunitha is best known for her creative outlook in candid wedding photography. One of her statement reads ‘People always prefer traditional wedding photography, but candid photography is an innovative approach which people will love if not now then surely in the future’.

A modern-day couple know the true essence of a candid wedding photographer, but their parents might be clueless about its paradigm. An elderly couple who is planning to create a beautiful wedding for their daughter who stays abroad might want to know about it. In this blog, we will read about some specific qualities of hiring the best candid wedding photographer in Bangalore and every parent who is letting their children get married should know about it.

Firstly traditional wedding photography still holds the charm, but there is nothing new or scope of experimentation. There was a time when the couple uses to pose to get a good photograph, but now it’s all about capturing fleeting moments. Sunitha’s portfolio holds some of the best work on candid wedding photography. Go through it before you read the next part of this blog.

Now as you have seen the photos, it’s time to know the ways, the manner and why this form of art is different from any other. Let us begin here.

Unadulterated expressions-

You must have seen the natural expression in the images, and they are truly adorable. Candid wedding photography is all about moments which are not bound to any pose but are free. The burst of laughter at any time of the day, those small talks with the favorite person, and many such alluring gestures are the real targets in candid wedding photography.

Distinctive style-

Candid wedding photography is all about a new style which has never happened before. There is a continuous process of experimentation taking place over here. The uses of colours, framing new angles are the best kind of observation. Sunitha always brings a new approach, and people look forward to that only.

The finest sense of aesthetics-

A candid wedding photographer has a sense of aesthetics which get reflect on work. People hardly know about it apart from their technical knowledge. They create an ambiance where photos are bound to be beautiful, and moments are made alive with colors and vivid expressions.