In a wedding ceremony, one always expects to do something different, something that can grab the eyeballs or remain as a story to tell to their grandchildren.

I have been a part of weddings for many years now, and have seen how expectations turn into reality in many ways, and at times I was the cupid who made their dream come true with my work. You might think that I am exaggerating a little, but the fact is when creative wedding photographers in Bangalore like me completes a shoot and present the final copy to clients, their reaction to the work makes you feel elated, and it is much better than a two-line testimonial on your site.

Here I will talk about those anticipations that a couple keeps from their pre-wedding photo-shoots, and who knows even you might have the same wish to follow.

A food fiesta instead-

In every healthy relationship, there is no better fuel than food. From your first date to the years of getting old, and having a meal together food comes everywhere.Go to the coffee shop where you met for the first time and order that same food from the menu, visit an eatery which has a nostalgic touch and serves the most delicious dish in the town, or always try the roadside stalls which have more fun, and let the end be with some ice creams.

A reunion of your gang-

There is no such compulsion that pre-wedding shoot has to be only with two of you, but it can jolly well include your friends.  One may call the entire gang to be a part of the shoot. Get indulge in various childhood games and try to bring back the good old days for few moments.

Bollywood for once-

If you are thinking of drama and emotions, then a Bollywood theme is more than perfect. From the costume to the location let it have the feel of doing an original film shoot. Even though it’s common, but the different ideas of portrayal make it special every time.

A cooking class may be

Even after everything gets settled, there is one thing about which couples are unsure about, and that is how to cook?Let the photo shoot be a cooking class session.  Choose a place, better if it is an open area, arrange cooking items, and be the chef for the day and experiment uncountable dishes.Don’t worry if it is worth to eat or not. Everything takes time and who knows it will be better on the next try.

Creative wedding photographers in Bangalore have many such ideas which you can adapt to make a perfect photo- shoot. Never mind if your one is cliché there is always a new way to show an old idea. Have trust in the photographers as they are never going to let you down.