To make your marriage a filmy affair, shoot a pre wedding photo-shoot for the trailer.

It is true when someone says that change is inevitable. Everything around us changes and people get accustomed to it. Here we will talk about a very small part of the change that took place in marriage ceremonies.

A big fat wedding is all about happy moments, and traditional rituals. Most couples prefer to do a wedding in traditional style so as to maintain the origin, and nostalgia of Indian marriages. But the change is observed before the ceremony, and it is the pre-wedding photography which is a new identity.

All contemporary couples are making this a must affair before marriage. It is observed as a way to enhance a relationship, and the joy being together. Pre-wedding photography is mainly concentrated on outdoor shoots and is completely a filmy affair. All pre wedding photographers in Bangalore are well known to shoot all assignment in the best locations.

What makes pre wedding photography an interesting shoot?

One cannot find anything interesting in a photo-shoot until it has something unique in its presentation. Pre wedding photography is all about an idea which is more like a film story.

A Story

Every pre wedding photo-shoot has a story to tell. The photographer and his team form a narrative where the couples turn into real actors and may be they are romancing with a song in the background. This story may also have few dialogs, and a proper ending makes it better.


All pre-wedding shoot takes place in real locations, and that is the charm of it. The location depends on the story like it can be seashore, cityscape, hills or an ancestral house.

Different costumes

Both the bride and groom are captured in different costumes
throughout the shoot. The costume depends on the situation and the background of the visual.

Promotional strategy

A gala pre-wedding shoot is the biggest promotional strategy of a marriage. The shoot itself will reveal to all people connected with the bride and groom about the upcoming marriage ceremony. It is much like a trailer for the actual marriage ceremony which will take place in some time. All pre wedding photographers in Bangalore are creating some great shoot for the couples. They have created a complete cinematic space for the bride and the groom. A pre-wedding photo shoot is something which every couple finds hard to ignore as it is so much thrilling in nature.