Wedding is one of the fondest memories for most couples. It is special and special moments should be captured to perfection. That’s one reason to seek out an outdoor wedding photographer.

Why would best of post wedding photographers in Bangalore suggest an outdoor shoot?Let me share some of the reasons with you.

1.It’s just LIT!!!

As a post wedding photographer, we don’t really want dullness in shoot, do we? We look for vibrant, bright and beautiful colours which can reflect the mood of bride and groom. A lot of outdoor settings in Bangalore provide just the perfect set up for such shoot. Only thing you need to do is find an Outdoor Wedding Photographer who knows such places.

2.Not so serious!!!

One of the best things about the outdoor shoots is the casual mood. Imagine a newlywed couple walking on the street holding hands, some romantic gestures, carefree laughs and a hint of street food. Now, that checks all the columns for honeymoon phase.

3.No holding back!!!

A new couple is not always super comfortable, especially with all the extended family around. So, how do you get them to pose naturally and lovingly in front of prying eyes? Simple, you can’t! But as an outdoor wedding photographer I can give the couple an option to create those sweet memories without having their intimacy on display.


There can be only so many rooms, corners and balconies in a house or hotel. However, you have a whole new world to capture once you decide on an outdoor shoot. Why would you go for stale ideas when your post wedding photographer can experiment with new places?

5.It is fun!!!

For couples, outdoor shoot is a lot of fun. They get to share some sweet moments, celebrate the season, and have some beautiful random candid clicks which make for a meaningful shoot.

These are some of the reasons I find very appealing for a newlywed to opt for an outdoor wedding photoshoot. How was your experience?