In the last few years there has been a change in the style of wedding photography. Both expectation of clients and the work of photographers have changed in such a manner that it’s time to know the new form.

Often while searching for who are the best wedding photographers in Bangalore, you might be baffled by some of the terminologies they use. The pitching of the concept of shooting may sound different as you don’t belong to this field, but things are going to be better after reading this write up based on Sunitha Vardhan’s view.

Sunitha is one of the candid wedding photographers in Bangalore who believes in transparency at work between clients and photographers. Now, let us hear what Sunitha has to say about the different styles used in wedding photography. Families who are planning their daughter or son’s wedding must take a keen interest in knowing more about it.

. Classic Style of Photography- The term personifies a traditional style and has the essence of wedding albums of your parents. Classic wedding images in an album are those which stand the test of time. This style of photography is about natural moments, sudden occurrences, and a strike of gorgeousness. Even the props used will reflect the old times, and create a scene which is contemporary in nature, but traditional in feel.

.The magic of monochrome- There is always something beautiful about a photograph devoid of colour. This style of photography is more focused on the content, composition, light, and the texture. A monochrome wedding album might look a little dizzy, but is undoubtedly the most experimental style of photography.

. Lifestyle wedding photography- A simple way to freeze candid moments without any such proper directions and styling. The purpose of this shoot is to capture the events taking place in our daily life.

.Destination wedding photography- This style is a medley of creative art and documentary style of photography. While capturing a frame of a destination wedding, a photographer along with the couple also captures the vitality of the place like its architecture, culture and other visible elements around. Whether the wedding is at Goa or a grand affair in Jaipur, every image will give a complete clarity of the environment around.

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