In my last blog I discussed about the vibrancy of Telugu wedding, and here I will share another experience of working at a Kannada wedding.

In a Kannada wedding, the first thing that attracts me is its ambiance. Once you enter the place where the occasion is going to take place, you will feel the ethos of complete traditional Hindu marriage. From the flowers to the food all are prepared in the same mannerisms without any change. One might feel that there is nothing new to it, but sometimes such age-old traditions bring more glory to a marriage.

After reading this you can ask any Kannada wedding photographers in Bangalore, and all will share with you a similar story of such grandeur. But in this blog, my focus will shift a little from wedding to post wedding occurrences.

Okhli- A game of fun and belief

This game is played by both the families of the bride and the groom after the wedding. It somehow bridges the gap between the two. Someone will drop the wedding ring of the groom in a vessel containing milk and water, and the game begins as the bride, and her brother starts searching for it. If somehow they get successful it is implied that the girl is capable in taking all responsibilities of marital life. I understand that such beliefs are old and not at all prudent, but the fun and excitement that prevails is something to cherish. I have personally captured a few classic expression shots of people while playing the game.

Vidai- From one home to another home

This moment remains similar to marriages of all communities. The bride begins her final journey from one home to another. One will get to see a transition taking place during this time. All fun and laughter turn gloomy as the daughter leaves behind everything and everyone. I was told to capture the vidai ceremony in a different mannerism, and I did experiment with something new. Just as in films I used different shades to make it both real and illustrative. Few shots are there in monochrome, some in black and white and few in the original colour. Well, there might not be any such great significance behind the use of a variety of colours, but I did catapult emotions of people
through it.

Griha pravesh- To the new beginning

In a Kannada wedding, Griha Pravesh is a big affair. The first thing that will strike you is the decor around the entire house, and then the people who come to see the newly married couple. Then the mother- in law does the welcome aarti to let the bride enter the house. Then the vessel with rice is kept on the threshold which the bride turns over to symbolize the arrival of Lakshmi who will bring more prosperity to the house.

For me, Kannada wedding is not something exceptional, but something worth memorable. Since day one I have vehemently loved the ways it gets carried out. Few of my Kannada wedding photographers in Bangalore who are also my colleagues' aggress with me on the point that Kannada wedding is like an old classic film in the midst of contemporary works.