Have you ever wondered that why the wedding pictures look like award-winning images after it comes in an album? It is not really those expensive cameras, but the eyes of wedding photographers which creates magic. They have the taste and sense of freezing the liveliest moods during the ceremony.

An Indian wedding has too many rituals, and each of them has its own significance. For a wedding photographer, every moment counts. They can have the best frame at any time, and rarely have they missed it.

There are many who believe that wedding photographers are not different from normal studio photographers. But a wedding photographer is more skilled and creative in their work. They create a masterpiece which you may not have thought even.

If you are residing in Bangalore city and there is a wedding around the corner then think of Sunitha
Vardhan before putting your mind somewhere else. Sunitha’s work reflects her passion for photography, and her sense of aesthetics is truly marvellous.

Sunitha has a background in advertising, and that is one good reason for her creative approach to photography. She creates a story in every frame.

Let the wedding candid be captured by Sunitha Vardhan

There was a time when wedding photography has no such variations. Clients were happy with simple postcard like wedding pictures, and even the editing had no such visual treat. But now things have changed, and the focus is more on candid wedding photography. According to Sunitha ‘Right now the trend is more on capturing candid moments in Monochrome’.

The art of experimentation is not only artist-centric, but even clients demand something like that. Sunitha always takes clients choice as a priority. She creates an album which has everything that a client requires.

Candid photography is much more illuminating as it freezes moments in a beautiful manner. It creates a visual where an intimate moment between a father and daughter gets captured unknowingly. Sunitha’s skills and creative essence adds up too many emotions in a single frame.

Every wedding has a story of its own, and Sunitha gives all a new look. Let your wedding moments get the best hands that can be cherised for ever.

Sunitha’s work has been highly appreciated in several platforms and even by elite class families in the city.