How candid wedding photography has changed the face of Indian marriages?

‘Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty four times per second’ this quote by Jean Luc Godard establishes the fact that there is nothing more truthful than photographs. Visual images are like real things which can be observed and felt.

Since time immemorial people are working on this form of art, and now it is the most successful commercial venture. The art of photography is all about passion and dedication in creating some good work.

In the recent years, the concept of wedding photography is getting popular in India. Every marriage ceremony has a group of photographers who are doing some commendable job. Photography in a marriage occasion is about capturing moments, and all the candid wedding photographer in Bangalore are in the process of making moments alive even after years of marriage.

There was a time when people hardly knew about the type of photography needed in a marriage ceremony, but now things have changed, and both the families demand people with specific skills. At this time candid photography is loved by all. The style of capturing people without making them aware is something creative and appealing.

In a marriage ceremony, there are lots of people involved in different activities, and a photographer captures every action without making the subject conscious of the click. This becomes more like a creative documentary of a ceremony. At the end when all the visuals are shown on a slide it gives a mesmerizing view.

How candid photography differs from the traditional art of photography in a marriage?

There are differences between these two styles of photography. The former one gives a lot of space to creativity, but the latter is all about old theories and outlook. A candid wedding photographer in Bangalore tells how


The idea of framing people is different in candid wedding photography. A photographer always chooses a unique concept to make work better. The thinking process changes in candid photography and people get a chance to experiment with visuals.

Art direction

Candid photography requires a proper art direction to manage the entire show. It is more like a cinematic shoot where the accessories in the background are not always kept in a way it should be. Every candid photographer has a creative approach towards the art direction.

Style of photography

Most importantly the style of photography gets completely changed. The photographers are keen on doing low key lightning at some point to give a cinematic feel to the scene, and then there are different styles adopted to bring a good scope of creativity.

A wedding affair is once in a lifetime, and the moments captured will stay forever. A good candid photographer can bring back some liveliest moments of your wedding even after many years.