Timeless memories are seldom in the daily grind of life, and so people always look for refreshing moments which can break the monotony like a marriage ceremony or so.
Indian marriages are full of glory. It is a grand festival like that of a Christmas in Vatican City or a Durga Puja in Kolkata. But there is one thing which no other kind of occasion celebrates as we do, and that too with the presence of a wedding photographer.
In Bangalore city wedding photographers have the highest demand, and even people are now seeking for creative top 10 wedding photographers in Bangalore.
It is difficult to distinguish between the top 10 as all of them are best in every way, and some are even a favorite for many. But have you heard about Sunitha Vardhan who is excelling in her role as a wedding photographer? If not then take a look at how she creates a reel of memories for you.
Sunitha is an exceptional artist when it comes to clicking photos. She plays with ideas and lights to give any picture a better look and feel. Her wedding canvases are frames of beauty and have a thought-provoking style.

Freeze the wedding moments the way Sunitha does
Her style has an art which is unique and loved by all. Take a look at how Sunitha’s work creates a blend of artistic impression along with commercial success.
Fasciation for Indian marriages-
Sunitha finds a close association with Indian marriages and the myriad of traditions associated with it. Her work on wedding photography is not only about money, but also an intense desire to know of her roots.
There is always a story to tell-
Her wedding assignments always have a story to tell. She manages the entire set as if shooting a fiction. The real characters that are seemingly unaware of such ideas play the perfect role in front of the camera. While flipping through the pages of the album one can visualize a story with proper continuity. Wedding assignments by Sunitha Vardhan are like story framed within a frame.
An experimental shoot-
Sunitha does experiments to present her clients something new every time. Her work on monochrome wedding photography is so appealing that hardly any other person can match her sense of style and aesthetics.
The top 10 wedding photographers in Bangalore are no doubt the most accomplished craftsmen is an absolute delight for all who loves to see good work.