When it comes to marriage we all, get too sentient with the ritualistic practices, reception planning, guest invitation and more. Generally, our families are a little conventional with these things. They believe that marriage should be like what used to be, but with time, things are bound to change, and even one should accept the new. Weddings now have outgrown to be a contemporary ceremony, where changes take place; new ideas are accepted and with that traditional ethos are also maintained.

As a part of Wedding photography Bangalore, we shall propose you some ideas on how to make your wedding reception personalized. Let’s read…

First, bring a change to your wedding cards

Make a new design with a message that you feel to convey. The card may have a small brief of your love story so that people can at least read it as most of the time a wedding card is just used to check the venue details. Next, your invitation style doesn’t have to be formal but can be a causal one like ‘As both our families are getting married we request you to have a grand dinner with us…… Such things may be little rare for many people, but new ideas are always welcome.

A small outing on your destination wedding

Don’t arrange a destination wedding only for the sake of changing your wedding location, but make the best out of it. As your close friends and families, are accompanying you for two to three days plan up a short outing with them in the hills or the sea where the wedding is taking place. This trip will also help you to loosen up a little from that mental anxiety that all go through just before the wedding. In this, you can always ask a photographer from Wedding photography Bangalore to accompany you.

Making of a creative itinerary

A wedding takes place for an elongated time and so how about presenting every guest a small itinerary of the ceremony. You can make it interesting by adding fun elements, and also there are different illustrations done on it to make that piece of information visually appealing.

Choose music that you love-

Indian weddings have a few traditional choices of musicals like Shehnai and a few more, but you can always choose your favourite music playing at the wedding. A background instrumental of your favourite track is pure bliss.

A session of reading and reliving the good old days-

You must have seen such performances in movies and commercials, but in reality, this is interesting and emotional as well. Invite your close friends or cousins to stand in the middle of all the invitees and read or recollect some best memories shared with you. Trust me you are bound to shed tears as the moment gets too nostalgic for any individual.

Well, there can be more ways to make your wedding different in its texture and form. In a ceremony like this, every kind of customization is possible as all that is needed is a free-spirited mind to accept new ideas.