Why should you do an ordinary wedding when something extraordinary can happen? One may seem to be a little perplexed with such a statement, but the truth is weddings are now no less than a larger than life film. From the use of drone cameras to designer wear costumes for the couples there remains nothing untouched. I guess Bollywood has successfully taught us that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra which we can all bring upon on this day.
Over the years I have worked in many theme wedding ceremonies which are nevertheless the brightest ones. Your wedding planners may suggest more than hundred wedding themes moulded with customized ideas, but there are just two themes which creates a wave that can never be replaced by anything. Especially for my clients and people who love my work, I am going to tell you my best choices of wedding themes and how photography harmonizes with it.
The most adorable two themes which can give a complete surreal experience to clients and even to the outdoor wedding photographers in Bangalore are:

  • Floral wedding theme- It is one of the most extravagant wedding theme in the contemporary years. The entrance, the pillars and even the ceilings, are going to be covered with a variety of flowers and garlands. Orchard and Roses are the most popular ones with marigold and whites roses lined up on the borders of the walls. The floral mandap always remains a special attraction for the people. It is decked up so nicely for one to ogle at it for long hours. In such theme, photography comes with a different tune. We have the finest backdrop in every picture. The blooming flowers make a scene serene, and alluring than anything around.
  • Vintage theme- Recreating an era in history is something enchanting and even challenging. One can customize the theme with different historical periods like introducing the Mughal era. In such kinds of wedding theme clients expects the photographers to capture every moment of a recreated history. Just the way a period film gets recreates, one can expect the wedding album with the same spirit in look and feel.

I know your wedding planners will enlighten your ideas with more themes like this, but I have some serious commitment to these two as I feel that the vibrancy of it can never match with the rest. I have had the best wedding photography experience working in such themes, and I always suggest my clients take a look at how beautifully this can transcend every other idea.
For outdoor wedding photographers in Bangalore, themes are like a set from where the story gets set. And they freeze those moments in a way that nothing seems to be more graceful than a wedding album even after years of marriage.