In our country, there are myriad of marriage rituals which we hardly know but are an interesting read. The different region of the country along with the community that lives there follows unique ways of marriage, and if that gets recorded can create amazing visuals.

Being into wedding photography I have worked with clients from different communities, and all are distinctive. Today, I will present you a canvas to envision an Andhra Wedding. I have just come back from an Andhra wedding assignment, and it was a startling experience.

A Telugu wedding is all about the rich culture and age-old tradition which is still untouched by the modern elegance. Even though the young couples prefer theme-based wedding, but still traditional efficacies are more important over here. For an Andhra wedding photographer in Bangalore shooting a Telugu wedding will be a delightful experience.

Pre wedding ceremonies

The list of ceremonies is endless. At first, I thought to shoot the ambiance and decor of the place, but the continuous ceremonial process had me. The pre-wedding rituals are Muhurtam, Pendlikuthru, Snathakam, and Kashi Yatra. All take place one after another, but I like the perception behind Kashi Yatra. In this, the groom pretends to go to Kashi but is stooped on the way by the bride’s brother who promises to give his sister to the boy. This entire thing can be beautifully shot both in still and video. I have shot some amazing pictures of the ceremony, but what captivated me
more is the idea behind it.

Viragudi Mokkadam

Just when I thought that maybe the pre-wedding rituals are over that I was introduced, to another vital one called as Viragudi Mokkadam. As the groom sets off to marriage, he visits a temple nearby. There a coconut with turmeric and kumkum is broken on his head followed by an offering to the god. In the end, we are now ready to visit the bride’s house.

The moment of anticipation- Arrival of the Bride

You must have seen in films that how brilliantly the arrival of the bride gets captured. Even I did the same. The maternal uncle of the bride accompanies her to the mandap. There a curtain will be placed in between the couple and the priest chants the holy mantras. After this, the tie knotting ceremony takes place and then the wedding rounds where the couple takes vows in front of Panchabhutaalu (earth, air water, fire and sky).

The beauty of a Telugu wedding lies in those rituals that take place during the marriage. I have just shared with you some glimpses of what I have experienced, but to enjoy the sole spirit, you need to be a part of it. For an Andhra wedding photographer in Bangalore, Telugu wedding ceremony is more close to the heart than to the eyes.