One always anticipates about doing something different at one’s wedding. But for the number of weddings happening in a year, it is merely impossible to come up with ideas equal to that number. So people plan out more or less the same thing as everyone, but the way of doing it remains unique. Like pre-wedding photo shoot which is quite common in the recent times.

If you scroll through the internet and pages for pre-wedding photographers in Bangalore, there will be many pre-wedding shoot portfolios uploaded, and each one is unique in its presentation. Even I have a few uploaded to my site which clients or my readers have liked it, and I hope you like it too.

Ten years back marriage was simple with fewer events no destination wedding planning simple photography limited menu, and that’s all. But now the picture is no more an ordinary ceremony, but a larger than life view where limitations are hard to find. With this pre-wedding photo shoot is also added, and that is something couples don’t miss now.

But one thing which strikes many people is that such photo shoots incur cost that are huge. Here I will tell you that why spending on a pre-wedding photo shoot is valuable maybe not like a mutual fund return, but of course to cherish the memories.

An enthralling experience-

This is an enthralling experience that comes once, and one should never ignore. From costumes to change of locations at every shot is something that you have never tried. Have you ever thought to drive a cab or an auto on the road? Ever assumed that even you can be a panipuri seller for a day? Not really I guess, but at this shoot, there is the possibility of doing anything and everything.

A range of thematic expressions-

Themes play a pivotal role in pre-wedding photo shoots, and the best part is that anything you dream about is possible to create. That particular theme creates a story which gets develop over the shots. For example, you choose a theme on city life, and the best pre-wedding photographer in Bangalore will arrange the shoot in a way that will take you through the city, its food, the architectures of the monuments and temples, famous places unknown streets and life of people. Such a shoot is both fascinating and happens seldom.

A prelude to a wedding story-

Everyone I guess is a storyteller in some way. Let the wedding story begin with a pre-wedding shoot which can be a prelude to a wedding.

Well, I guess these three reasons are enough to justify my view on pre-wedding shoots. Then for once try to make memories and don’t think about numbers and figures. Along with you let others also realize that life is not only about savings and investments but also about experiences and memories.