Remember in your wedding more than you, its your parents who are happy to a larger extent. Their feelings are undefined and has no bounds. They organize the entire ceremony though you have all kinds of resources to make the arrangements. I guess this is more like a responsibility that they love to take, and even you can’t stop them. Your years of growing up, moments of ecstasy and sorrow, the first taste of victory, they are a part of everything and as you are about to embark on a new journey in life who else can make the occasion more merrier than your parents.

Being the most adorable daughter, make sure you do something for them Not just planning for the entire wedding or choosing the leading wedding photographers in Bangalore, Show them that how much happy and contented you are with the arrangement, maybe this is what they expect.

Take a look at what I find the best-

A speech that speaks of every emotion you have held all these years

In the midst of thousand guests, stand up on the dais and tell the world everything you want to. There can be a story, a slice from your first trip with them, how they reacted when you finally told them about marriage and anything to express your love. You must have seen such things in movies, but this time make sure you do this.

A short film which has moments from the past

How about screening a small video of moments that are never going to come back? The first day of school with mom, the cycle ride in the park with dad, first trip to the Kerala backwaters, the birthday celebrations and what not. Create a montage of all these little yet beautiful lost times and screen it in the middle of the ceremony. Surprise your parents, make them shed tears, well that brings real joy to them.

A photo session just with them-

Ask your wedding photographer from the leading wedding photography in Bangalore to plan a session of photos only with your parents. Don’t always make them a part of the crowd, but etch out a separate time for them. You can include your siblings and grandparents too. Such act turns out to be really special for them if you can arrange it as parents often expect such gestures, but they hardly say that.

What dad loves to eat, and mom too-

The time you decide on the menu always make sure that it has both your mom and dad’s favorite dish. It might be a mismatch in your well planned continental menu, but this is certainly a good idea to show them that you still remember everything they love. The dish can be a special chicken recipe or anything in veg that only your parents love the most.

How about a dance?

It can be a perfect way to show that parents are not far away from your celebration, they are always a part of it. During the reception take some time out and plan a dance session with your parents and siblings. You can play their favorite old time classic song in the background and let them relive the good old days. Get these best moments captured from the leading wedding photographer in Bangalore and cherish the memories.

Before I sign off, I tell you that parents won’t demand anything from you, but these little gestures can actually make a difference. Frame your own ideas, and try to create it for the two best characters in your life.