Sunitha Vardhan

‘Your stories, framed forever. ’Sunitha Vardhan is an experienced and a passionate photographer based in Bangalore. With a Master’s Degree in Management, and a background in advertising, she lived in New York for almost a decade before moving back to India and decided to pursue her career in photography which she enjoys. She is a member of the prestigious WPPI Association (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). She is also currently enhancing her skills to get certified by the WPPI and the New York Institute of Photography

Sunitha Vardhan believes in offering exactly what you need on your special day – the perfect blend of technical finesse and the raw intimacy of the most human moments!

A wedding is always a grand affair in every Indian family. Apart from everything that sparks the most is the demand for Pre wedding Photographer in Bangalore. They are now the soul of every Indian wedding as they capture the true essence of the event.  The concept of pre-wedding photo-shoot is quite new, and all the photographers at Sunithavardhan give the best result at work. Each click by them tells a different story. Sunithavardhan is a one of the top destination wedding photographer in Bangalore.

The concept of a Destination wedding is like a dream affair. It looks much similar to a Karan Johar larger than life cinema.  Apart from that gala affair, and nicely done interior a destination wedding always requires a perfect photographer to shoot the entire event just like a film. At sunithavardhan, you get the best destination wedding photographer in Bangalore. They are a bunch of creative people who have the finest sense of aesthetics in capturing destination wedding mood. Get in touch with the best people from the best place.